Supporting Your In Class Curriculum

Do you know students who:

  • Aren't sure how to align their academic goals with their career goals?
  • Want to identify their transferable skills?
  • Want to learn more about career planning?
  • Need help with their resume, cover letter and interview techniques?
  • Are looking for job search advice?

Career & Student Success Advisors will assist students with these and other career-related questions. Students can book an appointment with a Career & Student Success Advisor to discuss program fit, career options, and the job search and leave knowing more about their personal skills and attributes, and their educational and career goals.

Ask an Advisor - Classroom Visits

Our Career and Student Success Advisors are always looking for opportunities to educate students about the services offered by them, and our Centre. Whether it is the beginning of the semester, or just after midterms, feel free to reach out to the Career & Student Success Advisor for your Faculty, and invite them to visit your class. Visits can be short 15-20 minute presentations, or 30-60 minute digital career exploration activities (Challenge Cards). Find out who your Faculty CSSA is by visiting our Advisors page.

The CSSAs are also trained to deliver Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) workshops, and CliftonStrengths workshops, each of which are 2 hours in length. Depending on your class size, timing of year, and/or a variety of other factors, we might be able to customized in-class workshops. If this is a possibility, please note that costs may be associated with these workshops. For more information and/or to make a request for in-class workshops, please email

LinkedIn Content for Your Class

For Faculty that are looking to teach LinkedIn in-class and looking for an activity or assignment to help students use social media for career development and job searching, here is an assignment design for you!

Learning Objective:

Students will gain awareness on how to create a professional LinkedIn profile, and how to use LinkedIn and social media platforms to help with their job search skills and career development.


  1. Watch the following videos we gathered using LinkedIn Learning on making a LinkedIn profile (approximately 2 hours) and print out the certificate of completion.
  2. Ask students to complete this LinkedIn profile worksheet
  3. Students will then make their LinkedIn profile and submit their profile link to the instructor for grading.

Resume, Cover Letter and Interview Skills Workshops

Advising & Career Services hosts monthly workshops on various career skills that are open to all students. Check out our workshop schedule on our Events & Workshops page. If you're looking for content to deliver in class, please contact, and we can provide you with additional resources that you can use in your classroom.

Peer to Peer Mock Interview Practice

Interviews can be intimidating experiences. Have your students practice their interview skills in class with this peer to peer practice model. Our package for you includes interview questions, peer to peer feedback rubrics, and a slide deck to help guide the activity. 60 minutes is recommended for this activity, but can be adjusted by the instructor as needed.

To supplement content on how to answer behavioural/situational questions, check out our resource here:

Peer to Peer interview

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